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Pain Management

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Pain is complex and unique to each person. It can be a debilitating condition, but there are many treatment options such as medications, therapies, and mind-body techniques. Dr. Suzanna Dotson at Mind, Body & Spirit Med Center helps patients in Pembroke Pines, Florida, alleviate their pain through various techniques. If you find yourself continually struggling with pain from such conditions as sciatica, arthritis, and joint pain, call Dr. Dotson or schedule an appointment online. She and her compassionate staff can create a customized plan to help you achieve a pain-free life.

Pain Management Q & A

What is pain management?

Pain management helps you manage your chronic pain, like knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, hip pain, or lower back pain. It requires your dedication and commitment but enables you to live your life to the fullest, pain-free. It can be a great alternative to surgery.

How can you effectively manage pain?

Dr. Dotson stresses the importance of treating you as a whole person rather than just looking at the symptoms causing you pain.

By looking at your mind and body, she can better determine what might be causing the painful ailments you’re experiencing on a regular basis. Many tools and resources can treat your pain, such as:


Types of chronic pain medication used include:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin
  • Acetaminophen, such as Tylenol®
  • Antidepressants, which can improve sleep and alleviate pain
  • Anti-seizure medications, which can treat pain related to nerve damage or injury
  • Steroids, like dexamethasone and prednisone, to alleviate inflammation and pain


Therapy can be oriented both toward your mind and body. Some examples include:

  • Physical therapy, which builds your pain tolerance and helps alleviate your symptoms
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps you to understand the role of pain in your life and how to effectively approach it

Other treatment options include but are not limited to:

  • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Visual imagery (as simple as picturing a peaceful scene, for example)
  • Biofeedback, which teaches control over muscle tension, temperature, heart rate, and more
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Manipulation and massage

Do you need pain management?

You should seek help when your pain starts disrupting your life. If you’re unable to function day-to-day, pain management could be your solution.

Whether your pain is from arthritis, sciatica, cancer treatments, or an injury, the first step in pain management is scheduling an appointment with Dr. Dotson. She can discuss your treatment options and cater a plan specific for you and your needs.